Didtek Manufactory

Established in 1985, Didtek Valve is a preferred supplier of industrial valves for major Chinese manufacturers.The factory of Didtek valve is located in Oubei (Zhejiang, China).

Didtek Production

We are equipped with CNC lathes, automatic machining centers, automatic MIG seal welding and automatic hard facing facility to reduce human error. Today equipment and technology along with a qualified training to our employees produce valves as required by international market.

Didtek Testing

All our production is tested in accordance to the standard required.
We analyze the raw material at first. Any piece is verified in order to respect the required tolerance. Each valve must exceed the pressure test before it has been judged ready for delivery.

Low cost of labor is not anymore the only advantage to manufacture and produce in China as it was before, thus our second generation managers did enhance our business attitude to compete in the world market by developing quality control on our suppliers and our service, which can now compete with any European company.

Our valves are designed and developed for petrochemical industries, fertilizers, power plants, steel plants, nuclear application, paper mills, sugar plants, oil and natural gas industries and allied process industries

All our product are fully certified in order to fully support your bid in any tender wordwide.
Please visit our certification page

Why Choose Us

        • unbeatable value for money.
        • fully certified production for all your tenders.
        • 12 productions sites to offer you an unlimited range of valves, pipes and fittings.
        • unlimited shipping options not to make you lose time or money.
        • outstanding customer service: a single consultant will take care of all your requirements, making sure you get on time technical support, quotations, services and delivery.